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Dexter Early Cuts

30 Oct

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Early Cuts: All In The Family illustrator David Mack is a New York Times best-selling author and artist of the “Kabuki” graphic novels from Marvel Comics, the writer and artist of “Daredevil” from Marvel Comics, and the author and artist of the children’s book “The Shy Creatures.” A seven-time Eisner Award nominee, Mack has illustrated and designed jazz and rock albums for both American and Japanese labels, paintings for Paul McCartney and Tori Amos, and contributed the artwork for Dr. Arun Ghandi’s essay on the “Culture of Non-Violence.” Currently, Mack is working with the Philip K. Dick Estate to adapt the science fiction master’s work to graphic novels at Marvel Comics, co-writing a new “Daredevil” story with Brian Michael Bendis, and writing his new children’s books.


Guy Denning Video

30 Oct

La Fête des Lumières

26 Oct

La Fête des Lumières is the French Festival of Lights:

4 million visitors
80 light projects
8 million candles sold in Greater Lyon


17 Oct

• Dutch artist
• Environments that can be filled with meaning only because they are so empty to begin with
• Absented the body from her images altogether
• painted series of empty terrariums, schematic suspension bridges, swimming pools, deserted airport terminals, blank television screens and minimal architectural models of athletic stadiums.
• Palette is watery: cool aqua greens, silvery greys and icy blues
• Almost forensic in their lighting, and, due to their isolated status, impossibly scaled


17 Oct

• Rich, bright colours are applied to a broad range of surfaces
• Involves applying acrylic paint to various grounds with a spray gun, which creates either very atmospheric, loose coverings or thick applications
• Absence of drawing
• Pools of colour evoking both a luscious artificial environment and the disgusting aspect of vomit
• First occurrences of this mural use of spray paint: spare museum room (at Kunsthalle Bern, 1998), or in minimal industrial spaces (for the Sydney Biennial, 1998)


Hello Little Butterfly


16 Oct

• Born and raised in South Africa during the most chaotic period of apartheid
• Initial works explore conflicted issues of race and identity
• Brushy and graphic lines, drab and fiery colours, salacious and vulnerable poses often coexist in the same painting
• “I use all the cheap tricks of attracting attention: eyes looking at you, sexual parts exposed or deliberately covered. The primitive pull of recognition. My art is situated between the pornographic tendency to reveal everything and the erotic inclination to hide what it’s all about.”
• Interest in the ambiguous divide between the private and the public self

Liberty 1993


16 Oct

Untitled (S, Brad & Nick)
• Injects both seriousness and machismo into watercolour painting.
• Beer-soaked vacations and sports-oriented leisure activities of his older and younger brothers, using photographs of their weekend trips as source material
• The fragility of Gardner’s paintings provokes thoughtful considerations of masculine identity

Untitled (Ryan in bed) 2002