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7 Nov

• Argentine-born, New York-based
• Images of nature and culture – plants, crowds, the communist icons of hammer, sickle, and star, religious and genetic symbols.
• Photographically enlarged pictures of canvas weaves
• Uses clear silicone gel, a medium that holds the textural character of a brushstroke and adds another layer without obscuring prior painting underneath.
• Calls such works “paintants”, a hybrid of painting and mutant
• His paintings often thrust out from the wall into the viewers space
• His works tend to escape the boundaries of their walls, spiralling into open space and, in one case, out through a gallery window, to engage the streetscape.

What interests Fabian Marcaccio is how a painting can be made as complex as possible and how it can be composed in time and space out of hybrid materials.

‘Emotional Rescue’ 2002