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Collage Portraits

21 Aug

The Homeland promo poster has inspired me to look at other collage portraits.

Artist from Liverpool


  • Oil painting portraits on newspaper cut-outs about the individual.
  • People with a unique contribution to Liverpool life
  • 100 heads. Thinking as one
  • People from recent history
  • Multi layered process of news print, magazines, books, written words and photographs. Then oil and acrylic to create the image. Almost like a visual ‘diary’ of their life.

Collage of Apple CEO Steve Jobs made completely out of Apple products.
Created with the mosaic screen saver in Leopard OS.


Film Portrait Collages
black and white
surreal and fragmented


Recycled magazine art Image

LUCIAN FREUD’s portraits can sometimes look like a collage because of the way they are painted. Each individual mark and brush stroke that builds up the image is visible.




13 Jan

“A creation of a world where the human race would live in a technological utopia.”

• Born 1967, London
• M.A. Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Art, 2009

adam dix, Aloft

• Works set out to investigate the associations between technology and our need and fascination with it.
• Telecommunications and its impact on society
• Examined futuristic past predictions of the 21st century and the subsequent representation of that imagined future.
• Morphing past dreams together with present aspirations.
• Describing behavioural responses with regard to communication, how we relate or comprehend technology on a humanistic level.

adam dix, The Blessing 2011
“the Blessing” 2011

• Results = amusing take on how dependent on technology we have become.
Figures almost praying/worshipping (New Religion)
• Painted in ink and oil, but because of the style, could almost be watercolour

“Olympus Digital Camera”


10 Nov

“Rock Foot Plnat” 2009

• American
• Graduated from Yale University School of Art (1997)
• A prolific name in contemporary figurative and representational painting
• Meticulous technical skill Awkward compositions and subject matter
• Elements that are typically difficult to find beautiful – minute details of the body like veins and fingernails, intimate body parts and body hair
• Lifeless gourds, desiccated cacti, scaly logs and unruly tumbleweeds
• Both ugly and beautiful, representative and abstract
• Paints from life, (personal engagement with the subject)
• Intensified details of individual hairs and pores create dense paintings
• Division of the male from into smaller parts adds a level of abstraction
• small scale, tiny brushes
• voyeuristic nature

“Bent Leg” 2008


9 Nov

• Childhood in post-war Japan
• Recalls his youth as a time of both loneliness and freedom
• Devilish and innocent expressions
• Influenced by animation and comic books (manga)
• Adapted the colours, characters and flatness of manga to create a Neo-Pop style
• Muted and powdery surfaces = a delicacy despite their often large scale
• The kids are funny and sometimes a little bit mean
• Armed with knives, saws, guitars or flowers
• Smiling or glaring/gazing out at us


9 Nov

• Frustrated relationship between innocence and experience.
• Youth culture
• Diametrically opposed to typically superficial and saccharine depictions of youth
• Comic books
• Frequent use of captions that are poetic and initially incongruous with the actions and people in the accompanying image


9 Nov

• Evoke a kind of schizophrenic nostalgia for the cultural trappings of the eastern bloc during the cold war filtered through a critical Scottish lens.
• Iconic references
• Some works mimic the fractured focus of Futurism with its attempts to visually capture the speed of modern life
• Fascination with the body in sport – Olympic athletes

Guy Denning Video

30 Oct