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25 Aug

Los Intocables (The Untouchables) 2012
The right to childhood should be protected.

Provocative photographs addressing systemic and institutional child abuse. The images capture children pinned up crucifixion style against the backs of adult authority figures .The first one speaks of paedophiles in the Catholic Church, child prostitution in Thailand, child army recruitment in Syria, child organ trafficking in Brazil, free guns in USA and child obesity (McDonalds). I love this piece. I find the concept really political, moving and powerful. I also like how it addresses the responsibility of adult figures with regard to the harming of children in various contexts. Placing the children at the forefront of issues such as military occupation, tourism, healthcare, religion, and school violence, asks viewers to consider the potential for abuse within these issues and institutions.
I’ve read some comments that people feel that the McDonald’s image seems very out-of-place amongst the others. I disagree, because to only feed a child junk food, let it reach obesity and damage its health, is abuse in my opinion. I do however, agree with comments that point out that a black child is missing. “Or maybe it’s because we don’t see black kids as kids, but rather as hoodlums, and thugs…” Perhaps the artist could have included an image of a black child crucified on a white male cop..?

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Collage Portraits

21 Aug

The Homeland promo poster has inspired me to look at other collage portraits.

Artist from Liverpool


  • Oil painting portraits on newspaper cut-outs about the individual.
  • People with a unique contribution to Liverpool life
  • 100 heads. Thinking as one
  • People from recent history
  • Multi layered process of news print, magazines, books, written words and photographs. Then oil and acrylic to create the image. Almost like a visual ‘diary’ of their life.

Collage of Apple CEO Steve Jobs made completely out of Apple products.
Created with the mosaic screen saver in Leopard OS.


Film Portrait Collages
black and white
surreal and fragmented


Recycled magazine art Image

LUCIAN FREUD’s portraits can sometimes look like a collage because of the way they are painted. Each individual mark and brush stroke that builds up the image is visible.



7 Nov

• Argentine-born, New York-based
• Images of nature and culture – plants, crowds, the communist icons of hammer, sickle, and star, religious and genetic symbols.
• Photographically enlarged pictures of canvas weaves
• Uses clear silicone gel, a medium that holds the textural character of a brushstroke and adds another layer without obscuring prior painting underneath.
• Calls such works “paintants”, a hybrid of painting and mutant
• His paintings often thrust out from the wall into the viewers space
• His works tend to escape the boundaries of their walls, spiralling into open space and, in one case, out through a gallery window, to engage the streetscape.

What interests Fabian Marcaccio is how a painting can be made as complex as possible and how it can be composed in time and space out of hybrid materials.

‘Emotional Rescue’ 2002

Gillian Wearing

4 Oct

• UK artist
• Masks: a favourite form of concealment
• Partially or completely disguises subjects in order to emphasise alternative aspects of their identity
• 1995: filmed herself walking through a busy London street with her face completely bandaged
• the true subject of this movie portrait is the reactions of those around her, rather than the artist herself.
(and also the unknown woman who inspired the piece).

• ‘Olia’ depicts a model ‘clothed’ in a latex cast of her own face and torso. The artist forces us to question the notion that photographic images are indeed authentic and absolute

• 2003 ‘Album’
• Complex prosthetics transform the artist into members of her immediate family, (as well as a teenaged depiction of herself).
• Collaboration with the famous waxwork museum Madame Tussaud’s
• Each one a ‘self portrait’
• The portraits are a statement concerning the artist’s perception of family ties
• Claims that genetic and social links mean that she is, at least partly, each of the people she portrays.
• The photograph below shows Wearing’s self portrait as her father.

Yasumasa Moriura

4 Oct

Van Gogh• Japanese artist
• Specialised in ‘appropriations’ of artworks
• Inserting his own face and body into reproductions of famous works by artists such as Manet, Frida Kahlo or Valezquez
• Stamps his own personality on classic art
• Posed as iconic movie stars, recreating stills from films
• Motivated by the artist’s fascination with fame
• By ‘becoming’ a classic image or celebrity, Morimura assumes some of their instantly recognisable, enduring status
• A clear-cut example of the eclectic borrowings of postmodernism at work
• Also recreated pieces by Cindy Sherman, (he poses as Sherman posing as one of her own fictional characters).monroe

Miwa Yanagi

4 Oct

• Japanese photographer
• Generally centered on an investigation of women’s roles in her native country
• ‘My Grandmothers’: interviewed young women about the dreams and aspirations they harbour for themselves – however improbable – fifty years into the future.
• ‘Future Portrait’, investigating notions of time, identity and personal fantasy.
from the project 'My Grandmothers'

Cindy Sherman – Mistress of disguise

4 Oct

Untitled film still #14 1978• Consistently appeared in her own photographs, yet always assuming an identity other than her own.
• Recognisable ‘types’, a reflection of the societal clichés commonly used to (mis-)interpret those around us.